“Welcome Back, Brotter”

Live, at the Premiere: Red carpet, pre-premiere

It started out as just an idea. Floormates Cody Brotter and Paul Ryan thought it would be funny to make a web series in which they played exaggerated versions of themselves.

When fellow floormates John and Keya jumped on the bandwagon, they helped the idea become a reality.

Thus “Welcome Back, Brotter” was born and with it came 257 facebook fans, a promo, a theme song, and a floor of eager friends willing to help.

After approximately two weeks of writing, shooting and editing, the show was ready to make its debut on to the big screen (by that I mean youtube and John’s tv).

The red carpet premiere was held on the guys side of 11C, outside John and Jamie’s room. The stars strutted down the carpet with Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi” blaring in the background.

The show’s basic plot is about two roomates (Cody and Paul) who attend college in Boston and document their (failed) attempts to get with girls and survive freshman year.

Think of it as the college version of Seinfeld mixed with a bit of Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Overall verdict? Great success. Sure to please the college audience and good for genuine laughs.

EPISODE ONE: check out the pilot!

PAPARAZZI: Footage from the 11C red carpet event


7 thoughts on ““Welcome Back, Brotter”

  1. Umm i love how it says and i quote “When fellow floormates John and Keya jumped on the bandwagon, they helped the idea become a reality.”

    Seriously? Um John was writing and there from the start

    He didn’t jump on the bandwagon

    That’s fucking ridic

    Get your facts straight.

  2. Ummm I love how an anonymous poster is so bored and such a hater they comment on peoples’ factually correct blogs just to be bitchez. Let’s do some fact-checking, ’cause this dude–actually because it’s written with low self-esteem for the purpose of creating drama I’m assuming it’s a dudette, no offense–seems to be a big fan of facts:

    “Umm i love how it says and i quote “When fellow floormates John and Keya jumped on the bandwagon, they helped the idea become a reality.””

    I love that quote too. ‘Cause it’s true. Paul and I came up with an idea (the bandwagon, if you like) and invited John and Keya to jump on board. Hence, they made our idea become a reality.

    “Seriously? Um John was writing and there from the start. He didn’t jump on the bandwagon”

    Seriously. Nowhere does this beautiful blog say John wasn’t writing. We approached him and asked him to direct/edit, then Keya to help with production. Both thankfully “jumped on the bandwagon.” John helped us write the script and Keya has been creatively involved da whole time.

    “That’s fucking ridic”

    What’s fucking ridiculous is to write the word “ridic.”

    “Get your facts straight.”

    Back atcha. And maybe spend some time doing homework or something (like continuing to watch “Welcome Back, Brotter” and read SoSaysSaba).


    I think I should take a nap now.

  3. I’m reading over the comment and i see what i said was wrong

    it’s just really disheartening when someone works on something and it seems like they get no credit for it

    Cody and Saba, i’m sorry i guess i was wrong. I just know John didn’t get written in the FreeP at all. neither did Keya. and they did help.

    it just seems like credit isn’t getting passed around and i’ve always found that frustrating

    saba, i’m sorry i attacked your blog. it wasn’t mature at all. and it wasn’t my intention to hurt your feelings. it just got me really angry

    i’ll talk to you when i leave the library if you want. until then i’m doing homework here if you wanna talk and meet.


    ps PAL lounge, third floor, mugar if ya wanna

  4. and just to add, and this probably isn’t the place for it, but

    i love the word ridic, Cody. i don’t care if it is ridiculous. it’s just one of my favoritess.

    once again, i’ll talk to you later Saba.

  5. heh well this is awkward now. seriously tho no need to apologize to me. in fact i apologize for my harsh response…i guess i just felt the need to partake in at least one celebrity feud

    i think we all can unite in the fact that john and keya deserve more freep recognition…and that i never said i edited anything in that interview!!!


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